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Jan. 31st, 2012

Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics to Destroy a Hitter's Timing

Several Softball pitching books have been published but rare are the ones that teach you not only having the correct basics but teaching you how to use your pitches wisely. The Sneaky Pitching Softball book doesn't only help you increase your pitching speed it teaches you how to use your pitches to your advantage.

See what one reader has to say:

January 10th, 2011

Dear Coach Hal,

I started working on pitching with my Daughter Ashley when she was 9 years old. After reading your book when Ashley was 11 she went from throwing the ball 44 mph to 53 in just 6 months. Ashley is now a 15-year-old sophomore in high school and has been recently clocked at 67 mph.
She is a consistent 60 - 65 MPH. Not only did the mechanical drills in your book assist Ashley in her development of strength and speed, the mental toughness advice made her the dominating pitcher she is today. With your book I have been able to successfully instruct Ashley to pitch at a top level. "She had me and I had your book for instruction". She was started off with your 'Foundation Method', we have continued using that method all along and still use it today.
Ashley is one of the Top Recruited High School pitchers in the Nation. 
Schools that have expressed interest in Ashley and / or actively recruited her: Oregon State, Boise State, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Stanford, Florida State, University of Alabama at Birmingham and many, many others. All the schools interested in her have DI softball programs. Ashley recently has accepted an offer from the University of Washington.
The 'Foundation Method' is what we stuck to. I truly believe this is why she throws so hard today. There are not many 60+ pitchers out there these days. Too many pitchers are continually changing their foundations or have weak / bad foundations. I strongly believe this is why we have so many pitchers topping out at 55 mph. 
Thank you for all the help.

Ron T. - Proud Pitcher's Dad
Assistant Coach - Washington Explosion 18U
Connell, WA.

Softball Pitching - Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics to Destroy a Hitter's Timing

Mar. 26th, 2010

Things to Remember During Softball Hitting Practices

Great softball players weren’t born with innate abilities that made them great. If you ask any of them, they will tell you that practice, and a lot of practice contributed a lot on their success. In order to master hitting the ball, you would need a huge amount of practice. Furthermore, it takes time and even years before you reach your maximum capability. You can’t play like a professional softball player in just a short period of time, unless you are superman. Practice is so important that even pro players are still taking considerable amount of time to practice.


Still, you are still not guaranteed to become the best player if you don’t practice the right way. There are some basic softball hitting techniques you have to consider if you want to be good in this sport. Some of the key things to work on during practice include your swing, stance, power, and timing. If you focus on these things, you will be able to hit the ball with ease. You have to work hard on you timing as well as your hand to eye coordination. Timing is really important in softball. It will help the player decide on how hard she will hit the ball and where to hit it. Timing also dictates whether the player will swing and miss it intentionally or just foul it.


Some players tap their front foot to get a beat on the pitch. You can also develop this technique. All you have to do is to observe the pitcher’s motion while timing it by tapping the front of your foot. When the ball is released by the pitcher, pull your leg back a little, keep the bat off your shoulders, and keep your focus on the ball. You will be able to generate the power you want by putting your leg and body into the swing.


Another important aspect of softball that you have to work on is your stance. Bending your knees should do the trick in order to get the power you want. Some players end up hitting ground balls because they tend to stand up with straight legs. The position of your feet plays an important role as well. They should not be together and should be spread and kept apart instead. This is necessary if you want to drive the ball really deep because you get more leverage in this stance. Pulling the ball in softball hitting will also help you get more power. Pulling the ball is done by making a follow through strongly.


The swing is another important aspect of softball hitting. Instead of driving the ball, some hitters use a short swing. You may wonder why some do short swings. The reason behind this is that these hitters want to have options on where they can put the ball after contact. Short swings work best especially if the shortstop and the baseman has a large gap between them. Keep in mind that softball hitting practices make you a better player come game time. It may not be easy but you’ll reap the rewards in time.

Mar. 23rd, 2010

Softball Conditioning: When Working on Your Core is Important

Undeniably, softball is a sport that many would try their best to excel in this field. You will find many players striving hard just to improve their playing performance. Others aspire of becoming the most valuable player in their town. Actually, there are lots of considerations a player should need to take into account to enhance his gaming performance and eventually achieve his dream. One of these considerations is by employing some softball conditioning exercises.

Softball conditioning exercises are designed to prepare the players physically and mentally before engaging in various softball activities. These conditioning exercises help the players stay long it is either during practice sessions or during softball competitions. As a softball player, if you want your body to always in good condition, you have to work on your core.

You can start working on your Core through some forms of softball conditioning exercises. One of these exercises can be started with your stomach on the floor, and then lift up on your elbows and toes and maintain that position for about 30-60 seconds. After that, drop your body to rest a minute, and repeat the process for about 3-5 times. The effect of this conditioning exercise can be felt in the abs, shoulders and the back of your legs if perform properly.

Medicine ball is another core work where you have to sit down on the floor while bending your knees. This is to be followed by grabbing the ball and hold it in front of you and then twist from side to side. This exercise can also be performed in another way and that is by just sitting down and has a partner to toss a ball to you. As your partner tosses the ball, you have to catch it and toss it back. In order to work for another set of muscles, you can also do it while standing.

Another effective softball conditioning exercises to perform are push ups. This exercise focuses on working with your upper body, arms, and shoulders. One variation of this exercise is called inch worm where you will start in a push up position. You have to walk your feet up slowly and then your hands out to move like a worm. Go over with the process until you can’t anymore.

The inverted push up position is called the marine style. This softball conditioning exercise is a hard one which will work on your upper arms and shoulders. While in an inverted pushup position with your butt in the air, you have to lean forward over your hands then back. This exercise is like a wave motion style.

These softball conditioning exercises are mainly concentrated on working on your Core. These exercises are best to build up your muscles on your abs, shoulders, back of your legs, upper body and upper arms. With strong muscles on these areas, you can avoid unnecessary physical injuries when playing your most beloved sports – softball. So it would be good if you can employ these exercises on your regular training sessions.

Mar. 14th, 2010

Have Softball Drills Training Without Any Cost!

A lot of softball players are undergoing an intensive softball drills training for them to take master of their skills. However, some cannot continue the softball drills training program or the practice because of expensive requirement that a player needs to maintain, and that is having a coach that will guide you throughout your training.

If you are truly a determined – player and does not have enough penny in the pocket, then you should not be worried by not having anyone to guide you because you can practice softball drills together with your friends without paying anyone to help you out. Yes, there are softball drills practices for free that you can count on for your skills’ improvement and they are as follows:

Walk in drill for softball pitching – the A lot of softball players are undergoing an intensive softball drills training for them to take master of their skills. However, some cannot continue the softball drills training program or the practice because of expensive requirement that a player needs to maintain, and that is having a coach that will guide you throughout your training.

·         purpose is to build up and toughen the lower part of your body and to improve your endurance or staying power – You must position at least sixty  feet far from your associate with the soft ball in a verdant area. You start to walk and take jus about three steps before you take a step keen on your pitching action. Then, once you are in your position, try to toss or throw the ball to your associate. The ball must be able to get to your associate in the space using your legs and the lower part of the body so that you could have a very nice lift up to the ball.

·         Worker – Assistant softball drill – you and your associate must position thirty feet away from each other. The assistant turns over the balls whichever face position of the worker, who is fielding the balls and toss it back. Worker must do his job awaiting a positive quantity of time to be over and done or finished and then do take turns.

·         Softball drill for softball catchers – stolen bases. – it includes an enthused and moved batter in the batter’s position or box and the assistant or helper tosses underhand to the softball catcher and the assistant or the helper must be at 2nd or 3rd base. The softball catcher is already filled in cog or gear and accepts the ball that has been pitched and must toss to the 2nd or to the 3ed base. – This softball drill will let the softball catcher to toss or throw to 2nd and or to 3rd base, while imitating stolen bases efforts.

·         Softball drill for softball hitting - line-drive cord is a free softball drill where in you will practice and train on how to stay your hands up and prevent from looping.

·         Softball drill for softball base running – this is to let you train labeling or tagging at 3rd on give up flies with the outfielders tossing home or into a base – give up or sacrifice fly with runners.

These are few of the many free and effective softball drills training that you can apply to improve more your skills without spending any amount of penny from your pocket.



Mar. 12th, 2010

Practicing Softball Drills so as to Bring Home the Bacon

There is no doubt why many people are engaged in playing softball, because softball is really a great sport. It brings out fun to each player and strengthens the bond of friends and the team. However, there are many rules in playing this sport. Consequently, in order to play the game there is a need to learn the basics of the sport. Then after having a foundation or background of the said sport, you can now move forward with the softball drills.


It is indeed that learning the fundamentals of any sport like softball will seize a large fraction in performing softball drills. And then once the basics and fundamentals have been educated, it is essential for troupes to put into practice under game setting so they are able to bring about and apply their skills in the games. In addition, with nurturing oneself with the fundamentals of the sport, it is also very important as always to improve and prepare your psychological powers such as game focus, attentiveness, investigative thoughts, choice making, and arrangement making. These aspects will work hand in hand with your softball skills and drills.


Softball drills are the best helping means in order to be one of the best softball players.

The possibility of winning is widely open if a team conducts a variety of drills. Of course you have to know or learn many strategies on how the sport will be played. Definitely, you can not just go and compete in the field without any practice performed. Practice really makes perfect, so in order to bring home the beacon take each drills seriously but with fun.


Behind the success of the team in every competition is the effective and efficient coach and players who work together as one in every softball drill. Definitely, drill increases the skills of the player; it also helps the coach in bringing out and discovers the unseen abilities of the player in player the said sport. Through drills, the players are capable to anticipate probable opponent actions or moves. This is the reason why the proper softball drills, preparation and plan should be in use by the trainer and the softball players in order to come first every competition.


Prior to each drills or competition, there is a need to warm up first or to condition your muscles because conditioning your muscles will reduce the stress on a throwing, running, batting and permits lower body to supply more power throughout an entire game, this will result in less body injuries and increased powerful pace.


To make the drill work for the team, the teams must choose and work into the drill wisely and cooperatively. The team must choose the drill which they think and believe that will work out for them. The starting point of choosing the right drill to perform is directly correlated to the teams to perform it. With the couple of practice and drills done by the team, it will make the team to be well prepared for any challenge that may take place when they face the competitions.





Mar. 5th, 2010

Common softball drills to become effective softball player

If you choose to be an athlete, your number one goal is to make good in your chosen sport. Everybody wants to be the best player that will become the pride of their team so they can gain the recognition not only of their coach, their teammates, their opponents but as well as the audience that are always watching their game.

But in order for you to reach your goal and become one of the famous players, you are aware that you have to do a lot of practice so that your skills and abilities will be increased so as to make your game fantastic. You have to attend your everyday training because the softball drills which are often included in your training will help a lot to improve your skills. Softball is a kind of sport that requires both a sound mind and a sound body so you have to make sure that you are physically and mentally fit before you undergo your training.

Adequate knowledge about the different softball drills will be your advantage against the other players. It is true that there are a lot of drills which can help you become a very good softball player but choosing the right drill might be a daunting task. Doing various softball drills is not enough guarantee that you will become an effective player. You should do some mental activities which will develop your concentration, focus, analytical thinking, decision making and plan making.

Focus is very important in the game especially in the part of the hitter. If you are the hitter you should do some exercise that will enhance your eye movement direction as well as your skill in anticipating the future action of your opponents. You have to do this so that you can prepare back up plans when something goes wrong.

Here are some of the common softball drills which will help you a lot to improve your softball game.

§  Throwing drill – you can ensure that your opponent will find difficulty in making a score if you will throw the ball further. In order to do this, you have to throw the ball to the other position which the opponent is not prepared to catch the ball.


§  Pressure Situation Relay drill – there is no denying that playing softball has a lot of pressure. In this drill you will have the ability to play under a pressure situation.


§  Throwing and Batting drill – you can say that the softball hitting drill is effective if the batter can make a hit which is away from the fence. The hitter should make sure that the fence will not be hit when he does his swing.


§  Soft Toss drill – it will be helpful in mastering your power, follow through, bat speed and hand-eye coordination.


§  Break and Throw drill – this is very good in increasing your skills in throwing and catching softball.

If you are a player you should know that there is always a pressure no matter what sport you are playing. You cannot do something to eliminate it in the game but you are always capable of reducing it. You should have a control of yourself so that you can use your thinking and skills effectively. You have to make sure that you are playing your best so that you can see the good result you are always aiming.

 Softball Performance

Feb. 12th, 2010

Softball Conditioning Exercises That Ensure a Long-term Softball Career

 Admit it, as a softball player, you certainly want to be recognized and this is a natural inclination. It is just like in some aspects of our life, we want to be noticed so we are inclined to strive for the best to become the number one. Applying this concept in softball, this means undergoing some forms of exercises to improve your playing performance and eventually reaching your dream. In connection to improving your performance, you will need sufficient strength and staying power. And you can achieve this by doing some forms of softball conditioning exercises.


Nowadays, improving your overall strength, endurance and speed as a softball player is no longer a dilemma because there is an abundant softball conditioning exercises available out there. Conditioning your body also means increasing your chances of becoming a great softball player. Above all, you are ensuring a long-term softball career as you prevent unwanted injuries.


If you want to make the full use of your softball skills and talents, you have to improve them through some softball conditioning exercises. Anyway, are you really interested in improving your playing performance? If so, then keep on reading and secrets will be revealed gradually.


One of the important softball conditioning exercises is warm-up. This can be done through some forms of stretching exercises with the purpose of making the players’ body nimble, alert and raring to move. This should not be neglected by softball coaches before their players start the training session or go into the softball field to play. If ignored, though, players are likely to become prone to unnecessary injuries. It is important for softball players to do some softball conditioning exercises for at least ten minutes before engaging in the softball battle field. The warm exercise is to prepare the players’ shoulders, arms, legs, hips and back of the player.


In playing softball, it is also important for players to observe proper sliding. According to certain studies, it was found out that seventy percent of physical injuries while playing softball sport are attributed to improper sliding. Hence, it is important for softball coaches to incorporate proper sliding practice in their training sessions or as a part of softball conditioning exercises even once a week. The main purpose is to let players master the skill to avoid unnecessary injuries.


Another softball conditioning exercise is in the form of aerobic exercises. If incorporated during every training session, aerobic exercises can be very beneficial for every softball player. Aerobic exercises such as skipping rope and swimming have a good considerable effect on players. These forms of exercises ensure a smooth circulation of blood in their bodies. They also make players’ heart healthy. And if perform regularly, their bones and muscles will be conditioned well and become stronger.


Softball conditioning exercises may not be the main event so to say during practice sessions, but their role in the life of every softball player is of great importance. Remember that the career of a softball player may extend or not depends on his/her physical condition. When caught by a severe injury, his/her softball career is shortened. But it can be avoided by performing some softball conditioning exercises.

Feb. 10th, 2010

Softball Conditioning – Why doing this is Essential

Softball is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Most people are considering softball as a great source of entertainment and also a pastime. And for a long time now, this sport is proven to one of the safest sport that has ever introduced to man. In here, there is only a small possibility that a player will get injured. But then again, despite all of that, there is still a need for you to have softball conditioning if you are in this kind of sport. This is because there is still a possibility that injury can happen if you don’t have enough preparation and knowledge about the game. Injuries in softball happen because of the improper and incorrect usage of methods and strategies and also because of the lack of preparation for the game.

If you want to have a great preparation and softball conditioning for you and your team then there is a need for all of you to have activities that aims to strengthen your bodies, your muscles, and your hearts. Activities such as jogging and brisk walking are just some of the activities that you and your team could do so that your heart rate and your blood circulation will be better. If you want to strengthen your muscles then find out activities that can make the shoulders, arms, and legs stronger. However, you must not overdo these activities. Your muscles also need a time to rest so you have to make sure that there is an interval between your activities and exercises

As a softball player, there is a need for you to maintain the power and the strength of your body. You must not do these activities and exercises only when a game is near. Even if the season is off, you must still do all of these softball conditioning activities so that once the game is near, it will not be that hard for you to bring back your shape and your strength. So, it is really wise for a softball player like you to still have some training even if there is no game.

You can make a research of the different activities that you can do on the internet. For sure you will see tons of tips and instructions in there that could help you a lot with your conditioning. Aside from that, it will also be better if you will have your own trainer that could give you advices, guidance, and could teach you more exercises that could help you in conditioning yourself for softball. Though there are loads of activities that you can do, always remember that the main key for you to maintain your strength and to be good in softball is to practice a lot. Practicing these activities could definitely turn you into a powerful player that is prepared enough to face all of the challenges inside the softball field. So never ever take these conditioning activities for granted because they will not only keep you away from injuries, they also have the power to turn you into a great and excellent softball player.

Nov. 27th, 2009

Softball Hitting Reminders

There are a lot of softball players who want to master and filter the softball hitting skills. This is mainly because softball hitting is the most dominant skills of all in the world of softball. It can make the score jogs supporting a particular team to win the game. As a result, all of the softball players are truly taking most of their time and attention in refining this powerful skill. They want to reach their goal successfully and skillfully.

Softball is really a very energetic kind of game that is why a lot of the individuals are getting keen when it comes to playing softball. In fact, some are hiring professional softball coaches for them to learn and perform some of the softball drills effectively. They are mostly interested in learning the proper softball hitting. Making hit of the softball is like winning the game already. It renders a good feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Thus, if you are really determined to master this skill, then prepare yourself to undertake serious trainings.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of practices that you are going to undergo. Thus, you need to give yourself a strong determination and a compact self-discipline. Conditioning your physical and mental health is definitely essential in your training, for this will proffer you good results. Also, hire a professional coach or you can just simply get someone who is knowledgeable with regards to softball hitting skills. Some of these parts are as follows:

· Softball bat

· Stance or position of the body

· Hands

· Focus

When you are about to choose your softball bat, make sure that you are picking the right one. You need to consider the size and the weight of the bat. Actually, the ideal measurement of the bat when it comes to length is 24 to 31 inches. Yet, of course, do not forget to mull over your self element, as well. Also, you need to create a link with your softball bat and this is imperative in order for you and for the bat to have connection or simply, you need to get used to it.

Another important part of softball hitting is your stance or the position of the body. It is certainly imperative to develop your own position. Yet, you need to consider your feet in which you need to proffer enough distance between them. Then, lock up your knees and bend on your waist. Let your feet carry the weight of your body.

Hands also play a vital role in softball hitting. You need to settle comfortably your fingers with bat. Through this, you will be able to create a good swing and a great speed.

Finally, you should improve your focus, especially when you are about to hit the softball. It is important to look directly to the pitcher in order for you to get the right timing of hitting. You will be able, as well, to estimate the force that you need to release.

Nov. 26th, 2009

Refine Your Softball Hitting Ability

One of the most widely played sports in the entire globe is softball and it is commonly played in the district of United States. It became popular because of the baseball game; baseball is one of the most admired sports of all and it made softball as its direct descendant. This is primarily the reason why a lot of individuals are truly keen on with this exciting kind of game. Well, as a matter of fact, the majority of the supporters of softball are also diehard fans of the baseball. Thus, they are just simply supporting the root and the fruit.

In the world of softball game, softball hitting is the most powerful part of the game. In fact, if filtered and mastered, it can run the score continually for your team. This is mostly the motivation why a lot of players and teams of softball are giving their fullest attention with regards to refining softball hitting. Since hitting is the most important part of softball, then for sure, it is also one of the trickiest skills to filter. Yes, there are a lot of challenges that you need to go through in order for you to get used to softball hitting.

Some of the softball hitting techniques that you need to put into consideration and be able to incorporate in your training, are mental preparation and idea, warm ups, proper gripping of the bat, understanding your current positions and situations, developing a good stance, knowing your hitting trigger, proper footwork, eyes and hands coordination, defining your position in a certain circumstance, refining the techniques, developing a good swinging of the bat, knowing the strategies on how to escape of the slump, and a lot more.

One of the most essential parts of softball hitting is the bat. You may know already that bat is the major weapon for you to hit the softball. Thus, you need to make use of a bat that has the right size and mass. You should get a bat that is suitable with your size, as well. Do not use a bat that is too large to handle and too heavy to carry, for it might affect your speed and your swing. In addition, practice regularly with your bat to be able for you to get used to it at once.

Then, the next thing that you need to put into practice is the correct gripping of the bat. With proper handling of the bat you are definitely going to achieve good speed and good swing. It is advisable to settle properly your fingers with the bat and then position your arms and hands correctly. You need to keep in mind those fingers play the most important part in handling the bat for the energy that you are going to release will be accepted on to your fingers and not on to your palms. Thus, positioning your fingers correctly is certainly very helpful in refining your softball hitting ability.

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